hospital bed design Alba

Evaluation by the client

“The new type of bed is great, it looks nice and it decreases our production costs, in particular the costs of logistics. The beds are easy to assemble on the site and do not have to be transported and assembled or accompanied by a group of technicians. As result, our costs of logistics decreased almost by 60%.”

Jan Vintrlík
Executive Director of the company

Request and expectations

To develop an aesthetically valuable product that will optimize production costs by its construction and create a new style for the future generation of products.
The client expected the change in the construction to increase the profitability of the product

Actual benefits

  • Maximizing the output of the producer
  • Decrease of the costs of logistics by 60%
  • Unification of components
  • Unifying the look of the product line
  • Creating new style of the company products

Executed phases

  • Analysis
  • Concept designs
  • Product design
  • Construction
  • Prototyping
  • Serial production

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