Soldering gun design ETP 6

Evaluation by the client

“The new soldering gun is perfect, ADAM DESIGN managed to keep a link to the original type, perfect the ergonomics and significantly decrease the size while keeping the original electronic components. After we finish the production of the brazing moulds, the new product will appear on the market in summer 2015.”

František Pavluš
company owner

Task and expectations

Design transformer soldering gun in a high-quality aesthetic and ergonomic form that would be linked by its design to the preceding type which is very successful on the market due to the quality of its processing.
Integrate current components and optimize the size at the same time. Complete the project up to the prototype and production documentation including the brazing mould construction.

Executed phases

  • Market analysis
  • Concept designs
  • Product design
  • Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Serial production

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