Indoor Thermostat design ELEKTROBOCK

Evaluation by the client

“We achieved a functional design in many ways.”

The company customers add:

“Thermostat works well, controlling is easy and it looks nice.”.”

Request and expectations

Develop an indoor thermostat for intelligent heating system made by plastic injection moulding, with ergonomic design and visual link to other products.
The client expected intuitive ergonomic control of the product, simple production and, up to a point, a visual link to current products.

Actual benefits

Apart from fulfilling the wish of our client and his expectations (see above), we also achieved:

  • Improvement of the control ergonomics
  • Creation of new style of the shape that will serve as a pattern for the next products.

Executed phases

  • Concept designs
  • Product design
  • Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Serial production

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