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Product Development Process

Market analysis

Even though we are familiar with most marketing segments, before we start, we do a search of competitive products so that we can isolate their best properties we will enrich with our ideas and solutions in cooperation with our client. We assess and evaluate also the behaviour of the customer during deciding to buy and also his user role.

– Competitive products / benchmarking
– Target customer groups
– Market opportunities and dangers

Conceptual design

Everything will appear as soon as in the first series of sketches, when we show our client a few possible shape solutions on multiple innovative levels. Client chooses the most interesting one according to the objectives of the project and we then work on this idea in more detail.

– Innovative concepts
– Sketches
– Visualization

Product design

After selecting the concept proposal, we start working on the product in more detail. Detailed design includes basic shape of the new product, control elements and details. The output is electronic 3D model, which serves as a basis for the construction solution.

– 3D surface models
– Technical solution
– Models and size copies

Engineering solution

After preparing the construction solution up to the last screw and after the approval of construction solution, we divide it into individual parts so that they include all technological requisites for the production. We put them together in logical construction sets and create drawing documentation and assembly procedures. The output is a fully prepared documentation.

– CAD models
– Calculation and simulations
– Production documentation
– Proposal of moulds and production devices


During prototyping, we make one or few models according to the documentation. We verify the construction design and discover potential drawbacks and update production documentation. We use our own production technology from 3D print, low-pressure plastic casting, fiberglass to welding steel structures, etc.

– Visual prototypes
– Functional prototypes
– Prototypes for testing

Serial production support

Based on the documentation, we enquire production tools and production of individual parts. During execution, it is sometimes convenient to update production procedures, details on parts or on the documentation. We provide full support to our clients during the whole execution.

– Support of serial production
– Guarantee supervision
– Consultations for suppliers

We help you outperform competitors through design

Do you have your idea of innovation? Let us know how we can help you.

We help you outperform competition through design

Do you have your idea of innovation? Let us know how we can help you.

Increasing the efficiency of logistics process

The new design solution allows flat packaging saving considerably on storage, transport and shipping costs by 60%.

Jan Vintrlik
Chief Executive Officer

Increasing product salesability

Cooperation with ADAM DESIGN has brought us improved machine parameters and increased sales on foreign markets.

Pavel Šálek
Company owner

Reducing production costs

ADAM DESIGN has greatly simplified the design of the new cabin which makes production much cheaper and effective.

Ladislav Chudý
Managing director


Design for Competitiveness


Design for Competitiveness

Little about ADAM DESIGN

We are a team of experienced designers, development engineers and technicians who enjoy their work. From the very first moment, we look for and accept challenges, which makes the scope of our specialization very wide – from packaging design to transport design for clients from many countries.

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